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Our passion is in our name!

Brian, JR, and Jeff created An Integrated Business to help companies of all sizes become an integrated business helping them break down silos by departments, data, and applications to create actionable insights enabling innovation, responsiveness, and business results.

Become an integrated business:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and opportunities by creating a single view of customer information including marketing activity, sales, and recent support calls.

  • Assure client quotes are accurate and timely by enabling salespeople, call centers, customers, and e-commerce applications to have access to accurate and timely product, services, pricing, and fulfillment.

  • Gain better insight into sales management and forecasting by improving access to current opportunity and sales information.

  • Shorten the time for new employees to become productive by integrating on-boarding processes and training.

  • Reduce time to onboard new suppliers, partners, and vendors accelerating innovation to deliver new products and services.

  • Enable management responsiveness to challenge and new opportunities by creating a comprehensive business snapshot.

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