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The Relationship of Business Personnel and IT

I’ve copied the following from a blog Brian Silverman, our President and Chief Solution Office, published on our website.

“Quote from a client ‘All we want to do is total an expense from QuickBooks and update to a project budget spreadsheet’ to improve our managing project budgets.”

While Brian focused on technical challenges in his blog, I’d like to focus on the value a company derives from having business personnel work closely with IT to gain value from their IT investments.

The request to update a spreadsheet with project information from QuickBooks came from a business person interested in improving performance and budget controls of business functions under her responsibility.

By integrating the flow of data from QuickBooks into a spreadsheet that tracks project budgets, she can improve each project’s expense controls. By automating the integration, the data is in the spreadsheet is more current, without the potential of data entry errors.

In addition to improving expense controls, purchasing can now look at this data to analyze expenses and pinpoint, for example, high-volume parts that will improve price negotiations with vendors.

The ripple effect based on IT solutions focused on business needs has significant benefits across the company, motivating business personnel and IT teams to work together to identify projects that improve their part of the business, bringing additional value to the company.

For these reasons, at An Integrated Business, we run workshops that bring together business personnel and IT to identify needs and value to prioritize projects for integration.

We are running virtual workshops and offer them for free through the end of March. If you are interested in improving business results, please contact our team or me to discuss and schedule a workshop.

Thank you.

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