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Our passion for innovation, only topped by our commitment to our clients' success and trust!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

An Integrated Business is founded on the need to help innovative companies integrate their business and technology across organizational boundaries.

Leveraging technology to support organizational and data integration has been a passion of mine since my career began over 30 years ago. As an IBM rep selling AS/400 solutions to construction companies, I learned the value of integrating job costing, project management, and estimating, to help assure construction companies were able to assure their projects were on budget and that they chose profitable projects to grow their business.

The idea of an integrated platform and becoming an integrated business was important then and is more important today. Whether a company spans the globe or is a local business, consistent information across the business will enhance efficiency and effectiveness while improving responsiveness to new opportunities and challenges.

Integration used to be a large monolithic undertaking for companies, with IT being at arm’s length from the business requirements. Today integration solutions are smaller to deliver better functionality, that enables business and IT teams to collaborate on projects that deliver real business value.

At An Integrates Business, our consultants leverage agile methodologies for our integration services enabling us to quickly deliver value for the implementation. Our methodology is focused on the value of the IT and Business teams working together.

From the start, we bring business professionals and IT together to define and prioritize use cases and requirements. We lead clients through our business integration workshop where we help them choose the right use cases and integration solutions to assure their success.

With a chosen use case and solution, we provide a fixed price proposal to incorporate the integration technology, services, and training to assure the business and IT professionals will be self-sufficient in supporting the solution once the project is complete.

Each project implementation begins with an Integration technology workshop. This workshop helps train the client teams on the technology, documents technical requirements, constraints, and develops a detailed project plan to meet the planned schedule.

In support of the client being self-sufficient, each project is finalized with an operations guide for the tailored solution. This assures the client will be successful.

So, we are thrilled to launch An Integrated Business to help companies become an integrated business and leverage their data to build actionable insights for their success.

If you have any questions and suggestions please reach out!


Brian Silverman

Chief Solution Officer and President

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