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Managing construction project profitability in real-time, needs integration.

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

In many companies and industries, the connection and communication between back-office accounting and front office personnel working with customers are critical to a business’s success. Whether it is to assure supplies and products continue to be available for customer purchase or make the front office aware of customer financial challenges, smooth communication is critical to business success and profitability.

In the construction industry today, these connections need to extend to the workers and teams in the field.

I started my career in the ‘80s working with home builders where my clients were looking for construction management solutions to get a handle on their costs, expenses, and pipeline for new projects. During the Savings and Loan crisis, those who implemented these solutions could better manage their financial business. Many thrived as they were able to shift to more profitable projects.

At An Integrated Business, we work with construction companies of all sizes to integrate back-office project budget and expense information in real-time to their onsite teams via secure connection to their smartphones and tablets.

As issues arise due to an invoice, or updated payroll, the project team and management are notified immediately, enabling them to address issues and help assure profitability of the project.

In addition, the construction company can see where the trends are and differences in cost compared to estimates made at proposal time, enabling them to improve the accuracy of their proposals.

To develop your integration strategy at An Integrated Business, we recommend starting with our Business Integration Workshop. We work with your company to identify the key information and applications where integration will support your business. To learn more, contact JR Nelson, our VP of Business Development, at or Brian Silverman at to discuss further.

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