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Best of breed integration: No, read about best of fit!

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

-- Robert Burns

Building homes and developing integration solutions for your business have at least one thing in common. Starting with well-documented requirements and a project plan assures your new home will fit your family and your integration solution is the right fit for your business.

When one is looking at building or updating homes, it is easy to be tempted by the newest gadgets and designs, as seen on remodeling shows. Best of breed items from doors to landscape to appliances are exciting but not always the best fit for your new home and location.

Integration technology projects are very similar in that the best integration solution for your business may not be what the analysts have rated as the best of breed.

You wouldn’t select the best of breed fuse box for your home if it doesn’t meet your home requirements, nor should you select an integration solution that doesn’t support your technology choices and architecture.

Just as you wouldn’t want to choose a door that won’t fit your older home, you wouldn’t want to select a cloud-based integration solution when your top requirements are to integrate legacy on-premise systems with new applications.

For your new home, the best contractors will sit down with you and your family. They will discuss your particular lifestyle, needs, and expectations for your home today and into the future to build a plan that meets your expectations and will be on-budget and on time.

At An Integrated Business, we have a similar approach to integration projects. We start by focusing on working with business stakeholders and IT teams to document integration business requirements. This enables our trusted advisors to help our clients select the best fit solution and create a project plan for an implemented solution that best fits and is on budget and on time.

Whether your technology team is looking for a solution to code and tailor to your business or just looking to integrate a few applications and spreadsheets, our advisors are there to work on the best fit solution that will deliver real value to your business.

Our methodology focuses on the best fit for your integration success, including:

  1. Focusing on agile integration solutions that deliver real value to your business.

  2. Building requirements by starting with our Business Integration Workshop to understand your integration requirements and agree on the project and solution criteria for success.

  3. Incorporating training at each step to enable our clients to manage and update their integration solution.

  4. Delivering project-based integration projects with clearly defined requirements, solution costs, and schedule to be completed.

Our agile integration solutions fit your business just as you want your new home to fit your family.

If you would like to learn more and discuss your particular integration requirements, please reach out to me at or our team at

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