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  • Brian Silverman

Are you part of the 97%, focused on business not IT?

I keep thinking about what I call the "97%".

If you watch the videos from IT Vendors, social media networks, and the news, you see the world is on this journey to digital innovation. Whether they talk about automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate customer support and reduce staff or create new mobile apps to ensure customers’ dynamic recommendations as they move from store to store.

Or, you see Facebook talking about virtual reality and how that will change how we interact with the internet, social media sites, and each other? Even to the point where it will read your neural transmissions, you don't even have to tell it what to do; think about it. On a personal level, this frightens me more than anyone could imagine.

But what if you are the other 97% whose core competency isn’t IT.

Your focus is on baking the best cookies, and innovative expansion is to add doughnuts to your shelves or add a catering service for events and parties.

Or, you help homeowners remodel their homes to improve their kitchen? Their home layout? or a landscaper to turn their outside into an oasis during these troubling times.

Or, you are a manufacturer of parts, wires, or other items for business clients looking for dependable replacement parts.

These all have one thing in common, at their core, they are not IT companies. The digital universe wants to convince companies that they need IT developers and staff to be successful. Is that true for all companies?

This other 97% leverages technology, applications, websites, social media to excel at their core business. Their core competency is not IT. I started my career focused on the 97%. Companies, at the time, were home builders and small manufacturers that wanted to use technology to become more efficient.

According to a Small Business Administration (SBA) report in 2019, small businesses account for 44 percent of the United States’ economic activity. Small businesses create two-thirds of new jobs and deliver 43.5 percent of the United States' gross domestic product (GDP). Aug 11, 2020

So, small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and they can realize benefits from IT as they did when I started my career a few years back:

1) Want your project managers to improve their control of spending to help assure project profitability? Provide them an up-to-date integrated dashboard to see how their choices impact their current projects’ profitability.

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