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The agile business of integration enables flexibility and innovation

The Agile Benefits of Integration

Brian Silverman, our Chief Solution Officer, has written articles on LinkedIn and blogs discussing the value of agile integration and the utilization of agile project management methodologies. You can read more at

As Brian mentioned, many clients have centralized integration solutions (traditional ESB’s) that are difficult to modify even when the business request appears to be a simple change.

IT is working as hard as it can. Still, integration changes can be too complex to accomplish quickly, causing business demands to go unmet, hindering a company’s ability to remain competitive.

What is needed is to focus on agile integration projects that quickly bring business and IT together to deliver significant business value.

In a recent IBM Redbook, the authors wrote, "Agile integration enables you to break free from heavily centralized integration architectures that cannot support the demand. It increases the pace at which you can build integrations through simplification and automation. Integration then becomes a critical enabler of innovation rather than something that is holding it back."1

The use of an Agile methodology for project management for integration development enables clients to make the necessary updates in time to remain competitive by delivering the integration projects that meet the business requirements on time.

This is where An Integrated Business can help. Our team focuses on agile Integration solutions working with our clients utilizing agile project methodologies. "Agile project management is a style of project management that focuses on early delivery of business value,... delivering well-tested products that reflect customer needs." 2

Our Business Integration Workshops are a great start for planning agile integration projects. Our trusted advisors work with business and IT teams to identify business integration project requirements, potential solutions, and high-level project plans for success.

We also work with our clients to build integration projects based on agreed to upfront pricing and time tables to deliver. We train both IT and key business stakeholders throughout the engagement to assure their agile integration success after the project is complete.

If you are interested in our approach and the value it generates, please contact us at or our contact form to discuss further.


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