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2021 Resolution: New Use Cases for the Business of Integration

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

From our team at An integrated Business, welcome to the new year of 2021.

The comment I hear about 2020 is, “hindsight is 2020”. On a personal level, none of us could have planned for 2020. Nobody could have predicted the pandemic or planned for the personal hardships, including the loss of lives and impacts on our health and family. Nor could we have prepared for being locked down at home since March, working remotely, taking care of family, and trying to adjust to a new normal.

However, from a business perspective, crises are not new even though 2020 presented unique challenges that changed the economy and how we work. Many business challenges, including changing consumer buying behavior to new competition fueled by the digital economy, were not new, just accelerated.

With 2020 hindsight, for businesses, the question should not only be about how we respond to the ongoing challenge to industry and business presented by the pandemic, but how do we become more resilient and responsive for challenges we will face in the future.

Integration technology, just like the wiring of a home, can build the foundation of information that businesses can depend on where business silos disappear, enabling work seamlessly across the organization.

Highlighting the business value of integration is the focus of our recently published use cases:

Our first use case, See Less of Your Sales Reps, is focused on improving sales rep productivity and forecasting through integrated access to applications and information.

Our next use case is Improving Customer Support and Service focus’ is on creating an integrated view of your customer across the company. An integrated view of your customer enables every employee to become a customer advocate improving customer satisfaction by delivering more personalized service and increasing spending.

And finally, we released Accelerate New Employee Productivity. Shorten the time it takes to onboard a new employee and give a great first impression to new employees by integrating the onboarding process.

Want to explore how An Integrated Business can help your company, look at our Business Integration Workshop being offered remotely and complementary through the end of the first quarter of 2021.

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