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Bringing experience, integrity and dedication to helping clients succeed in becoming an integrated business.

JR Nelson

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

JR worked for IBM for 48 years, in sales and management positions. The last 20 years he focused on the Software Group business partner community.

From 1997-1999, he was one of the leaders in developing the Software Group business partner program for Asia.


On his return from Asia, JR managed the business partner sales efforts for North America and in 2005 he assumed worldwide responsibility for the creation of the business partner program and sale of software group offerings acquired via acquisitions.


After leaving IBM in 2017, JR worked as the Business Development Manager for a North American business partner.


He is currently the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for An Integrated Business, a business partner focused on data integration and client ROI. 

Brian Silverman

CSO (Chief Solution Officer) and President


Brian brings together a unique career that spans solution development, marketing, and sales. 

In college, Brian started as a Co-Op at IBM and with over 25 years of experience has seen many changes in the IT industry from mainframes, to client-server,  to the Internet. 

Along the way, Brian helped lead the product marketing for IBM commerce software where he was awarded a patent for BtoB order processing.

His career has always focused on the value of bringing business and IT to the table together.


Since leaving IBM, he has worked with leading solution providers and agencies helping companies bring their solutions to the market.


Brian currently lives in East Texas, outside of Dallas, with his partner Frank and their dog DaisyBelle and a cat named Lucky.  When not working he enjoys long dog walks, cooking, and entertainment.


To learn more about Brian’s experience and career you can check out his professional website at or his LinkedIn profile at

Jeff Sinason

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Sinason has a long and focused career in implementing information technology and integration solutions.  He has focused on integration on every scale of IT equipment from mainframes, micro-processors/embedded systems, to SuperComputers and space-based systems.  His career has often involved leading-edge technologies during their infancy.  This included the development of one of the first e-commerce platforms back in the early 1990s, integration between mainframe lending systems and personal computers in the 1980s, development of Object-Based integrations used in satellite communications systems, and modern integration between cloud technologies.  


Mr. Sinason has always taken a focused approach to everything he’s involved in both professionally and in his personal life.  He believes that when involved in something, such as his full-time passion for paragliding, that you need to be 100% committed to success by focusing on and managing your immediate needs, that will allow you to realize successful outcomes.

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