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Integration Consulting Services

We know why integration projects fail:

  • The scope of the integration project is too large and not focused on business results.

  • Integration deployments take too long and are not responsive to changing requirements.

  • Consultants are focused on additional service hours, and not building client skills for self-sufficiency. 

  • Failure to include business professionals to assure the right requirements, priorities, and business value.

  • Lack of scope management causing missed deadlines.

What to expect from An Integrated Business consulting engagement?

  • Skilled and experienced cloud and hybrid-cloud integration professionals.

  • Customer satisfaction and results-focused.

  • Deploying solutions for today, and flexible for tomorrow.

  • Trusted advisors incented to finish the project on time and successfully.

  • Clear statement of work, correctly sized, with documented milestones and expected results.

  • Focused on enabling business and IT professionals to understand integration capabilities.

  • Training at each step.

  • Tailored documentation for company use case(s), operational requirements, and support.

Agile to deliver business results: 

  • Revisiting requirements prior to each phase of the project to adapt and prioritize requirements.

  • Incorporating business stakeholders throughout the project.

  • Including client training throughout the project to create self-sufficiency.

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