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Integration Technology Workshop:

Document technology, architecture, and an agile development plan.

  • Review and update integration use case(s).

  • Document integration business and technology architecture 

  • Diagram actual technical requirements for the solution.  (e.g. deployment, security, and infrastructure)

  • Document technical and business constraints

  • Train the business and IT professionals on the capabilities of the integration solution.

  • Define success criteria.

  • Identify milestones.

  • Document project team

  • Create a project schedule 



  • Documented architecture and project plan

  • Summary presentation of plan and use case(s)

Agenda (One Day)

Use case(s) review

Review and update integration use case(s).

Integration solution introduction and demonstration

Overview and training of the business and IT teams on selected integration solution.

Architecture and technology requirements

Document client key technology and architecture requirements including security, technology, compliance, and business constraints.

Integration Project Plan and Milestones

Develop a project plan for the integration use cases including key milestones and dates for success

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